Why We Love Fibreglass Frames for Umbrellas

Fibreglass frame umbrellas are the latest craze. Fibreglass umbrellas are lightweight, sturdy, and better than steel. Here are the reasons why we love fibreglass frame umbrellas.


Fibreglass frames are extremely lightweight. This is great for umbrellas as umbrellas are carried for extended periods of time. It is essential that a patron is able to wield an umbrella in heavy downpour without getting their arms sore.

Popular lightweight umbrellas: 41" Folder Umbrellas With Logo Printing and The Piccolo Umbrella


Fibreglass frames are sturdy and durable. This ensures that our umbrellas can withstand wind and severe weather conditions. You can rest assured that your umbrella will protect you when you venture outside.

Top sturdy umbrellas: The Triple Compact and Embossed Office Umbrella Bulk Branded

Better than steel

Fibreglass frame umbrellas are better than steel. Due to the lightweight nature of the frames build anyone can carry a fibreglass umbrella. Similarly, fibreglass umbrellas are as sturdy as steel. This makes them a much cheaper alternative whilst still being a premium product.

Top fibreglass umbrellas: Don Juan Automatic and The Deluxe Remy