How To Choose The Perfect Umbrella For Your Beach Adventure

Summertime means fun in the sun and nothing says "beach-ready" like a good old-fashioned umbrella. While basking under sunlight may sound enticing, getting scorched is definitely not. An umbrella can provide the much-needed shade when you need some respite from the heat. But with so many options out there -- how do you pick one that suits your personal style and needs? Here are some tips for choosing an ideal umbrella that will make your day trip enjoyable.

Consider Size

When looking for promotional beach umbrellas to take on your upcoming beach excursion, size matters - but don't forget about portability! Large umbrellas usually have diameters of 6-8 feet providing ample space for you and your friends or family seeking shelter beneath its canopy.

Make sure to consider pole height too - it should be at least seven feet tall so taller individuals won't be sticking out their heads awkwardly above those taking cover down below eye level! And while size is crucial, ask yourself this: Is it light enough where carrying becomes tiring after trekking across never-ending sand dunes?

Pick Quality Materials

The best beach umbrellas withstand constant exposure to harsh conditions such as saltwater spray coupled with unrelenting sunlight reflecting off ocean waves. So besides having rust-resistant poles, outdoor enthusiasts get better protection against heavy-duty corrosion damages when they pick high-quality umbrellas specially amidst environmental weather changes near vulnerable coastlines prone hurricanes.

Look For UV Protection

You want an umbrella that has SPF protection of at least 30 or higher since prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays leads only burns & frustration without any tangible benefits of soaking up nature's goodness. Ensure selecting dark color fabrics highly absorbent rather than reflecting hot temperatures during ultra-hot seasons help minimize external heat intensity levels walking beautiful shades of colorful-capped sun parasols around long enough.

Check Special Features

While canopy size and quality materials are standard features to consider, other elements come handy too. For example, built-in anchor pole aluminum construction keeps the umbrella firmly in place amidst seaside breeze. Pivoting mechanisms help ease tilting angles towards ultraviolet beams avoiding sore eyes from overexposure while reading favorite journal entries all day long.

Experiment With Style

Lastly - don't forget about having fun with style! Whether you prefer classic stripes, neon colors or quirky designs – out there somewhere is a beach umbrella that aligns perfectly with your personality and taste.

Final Thoughts

As summer approaches, sun-safety should always be top of mind on any beach adventure checklist. Reliable promotional umbrellas can provide ample shade so you can bask in everything the great outdoors has to offer without sacrificing comfort

By considering factors such as size, materials used for rust resistance & corrosion damage protection against harsh weather environments like hurricanes; SPF protection levels from UV rays along with cool additional features—anchor poles or pivoting mechanisms all made just an extra mile value addition — plus playing around while exploring different styles-  You'll find the perfect fitting beach parasol ready to get you started on those sunny days ahead!