Top Picks for Branded Umbrellas in 2022

Umbrellas are essential products for any marketing campaign. They are versatile and useful in everyday life. Here are our top picks for branded umbrellas in 2022.

Embossed Office Umbrella Bulk Branded

Take 2022 by storm with this embossed office umbrella bulk branded. This premium parasol is necessary for every businessperson. It features a timeless embossed pattern on top of its pongee fabric. It also features an electroplated steel frame and a fibreglass shaft. This is an excellent umbrella and a great way to market your brand!

Portable City Umbrellas Logo Decorated

These stylish portable city logo decorated umbrellas are a necessity for 2022. These umbrellas are professional and applicable for everyday use. They are an affordable option although feature a high-quality fabric and build. It also features a wrist strap and an open/close automatic button! This umbrella comes in a variety of colours and can be easily decorated with your brand.

Premium Branded Beach Umbrellas

Enjoy the remainder of the summer sun with a large premium branded beach umbrella. This 2.2m umbrella is ideal for any event outside. The umbrella is made from durable, UV blocking jet cloth and features a handy tilt feature to ensure you are always covered. Get this umbrella in black, red, or reflex blue. Choose a colour that contrasts with your brand get the promotion you deserve.