Promotional Cafe Umbrellas

Promotional café umbrellas are ideal for restaurants, beer gardens, and resorts. These products combine style with functionality. Umbrella Planet specialises in customising commercial patio umbrellas with your logo, perfect for business or trade shows. 

Durable for daily outdoor use, they fit securely on separate bases, offering reliable service. Lightweight and versatile, our café umbrellas provide year-round branding opportunities with custom prints of your logo, enhancing your visibility and setting your space apart. Elevate your business’s outdoor appeal and brand presence with personalised cafe umbrellas.


Stylish Shade for Outdoor Dining

Café umbrellas provide essential shade and style for outdoor dining areas, perfect for cafés and outdoor restaurants. These promotional patio umbrellas are not only functional, offering durable protection from weather elements, but also customisable to reflect your brand's identity. Ideal for enhancing customer experience, café umbrellas are designed to withstand daily use, making them a reliable and attractive addition to any commercial outdoor space.

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17 Items

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How to Care for Cafe Umbrellas

Maintaining café umbrellas is essential for their longevity and effectiveness in providing shade and shelter. Follow these care guidelines:

  • Clean Regularly: Wipe the canopy with a mild soap solution to remove dirt and stains, keeping the fabric vibrant and clean.
  • Dry After Use: Ensure the umbrella is completely dry before closing and storing to prevent mildew and rust.
  • Check for Damage: Inspect the umbrella regularly for any signs of wear or tear and address repairs promptly.
  • Store Safely: When not in use, especially during bad weather or off-season, store the umbrella closed and covered in a dry, protected area.
  • Handle Gently: Open and close the umbrella carefully to avoid stressing the mechanism and fabric.
  • Wind Precautions: Secure the umbrella properly during use to prevent damage from strong winds.

Why Choose Umbrella Planet?

Boasting more than 18 years in the business, Umbrella Planet stands as the leading provider of custom-branded promotional products, earning the trust of clients with our commitment to competitive pricing, exceptional value, outstanding customer service, and an extensive product selection.

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