Unique Logo Branded Umbrellas

Umbrellas are great tools for promotion. Since you use umbrellas during rainy times, get a product that stands out in a crowd. Here are our favourite unique logo branded umbrellas.

Puppy Dog Personalised Umbrellas

This cute puppy dog personalised umbrella is guaranteed to turn heads. It comes in a bright blue attractive colour with floppy dog ears. It is perfect for children going to school during rainy weather. You can get this item emblazoned with your unique brand or logo for easy promotion!

Promotional Auto Folding Umbrellas

Nothing says unique like a multicoloured love heart auto folding umbrella. This quirky product comes in a nice stylised pattern that is hard not to look at. The umbrella can easily fit in a bag or purse so you can carry it with you on the go! It also features an auto-open mechanism, stainless steel build, and comfortable rubber handle. Decorate with your brand today.

The Delighter Logo Printed Umbrella

The Delighter logo printed umbrella is nothing that you’ve seen before. It features a clear layer on each panel of the umbrella that allows you to look out whilst you hold the umbrella above your head. This accessibility is great in crowded spaces to help you see where you are going. It is also a nice way to show your face when walking with your friends. Get this product custom printed with your brand name!