Why Do Some Umbrellas Have Vents?

Nothing is more awkward than having your brolly flip inside out while trying to protect yourself from the rain during a strong storm, which leaves you drenched with an umbrella tipped up in a tangled mess towards the sky. But, of course, you wouldn't give potential consumers a promotional umbrella like this, would you? Instead, you'd best provide them with branded umbrellas with vents. Umbrellas with vents? What are these, and why do some brollies have them?

What is a Vented Umbrella?

Say "vented umbrella" to someone, and you'll get a blank, clueless stare. But if you say "windproof umbrella," they'll immediately get it. But did you know they are the same thing? Brollies that are windproof are those that have vents and a more robust frame built into them. To keep the umbrella from inverting during strong gusts, vented umbrellas include open flaps between the panels in the canopy that permit air to travel through. Umbrellas with vents were initially sold as specialty products in retail golf establishments. They were originally a niche product, but their windproof design helped them gain widespread acceptance.

How Do You Tell If an Umbrella Has Vents?

It's easy to identify a vented brolly by looking at its canopy. It has two layers: the lower and top canopies. The lower or interior canopy has small gaps that let wind pass through and break up inside the umbrella, allowing a lot of pressure out. At the same time, the top canopy serves as protection from rain as the interior canopy deflects strong winds. That's why vented brollies are sometimes called double-canopy umbrellas. Here how it looks:


Our Top Promotional Vented Umbrellas

Here are our most popular umbrellas with vents that we can easily customise with your logo:

Foldout Umbrella Custom Branded = These customised eight-panel canopies have polypropylene tips, a matte black hook handle, and showerproof 190T pongee ribs.
Radford Logo Emblazoned Folding Umbrella = It has a 105mm wrist strap attached to a soft foam handle and a strong two-section hexagonal folding metal shaft. It's the perfect size for a carry-on, collapsing to just 55 centimetres when folded.
Ultra 78cm Wind Resistant Umbrellas = It consists of an excellent double-layer wind vent and an automatic open mechanism that makes it incredibly simple to use with just one hand.
The Torrential = It features a full-sized 75 cm fibreglass frame, EVA foam handle, protective sleeve, auto-open mechanism, and new vented technology to ensure it remains stable in stormy weather.

Vented Umbrellas: Promotional Items That Will Tip Your Sales Up

To leave a lasting impression on your recipients, give them branded vented brollies that could shield them from the rain and wind. Rest assured that a positive impression is guaranteed thanks to your vented, custom-made umbrella. Let our helpful sales staff to guide you in selecting the ideal vented umbrella for your needs! Call us at 1300 858 288 or email sales@umbrellaplanet.com.au.