Custom Umbrella Components and Materials

What components come together to make a modern customisable umbrella? While the basic design of umbrellas hasn’t changed considerably in hundreds of years, modern technology has allowed for refined mechanisms and a variety of customisable options which is why recent umbrellas are such great investments for businesses and individuals alike.

Umbrella Panels

Umbrella panels make up the bulk of a promotional umbrella’s body. They form a fabric canopy that protects the user from rain and sun. Usually composed of waterproof nylon or polyester, standard promotional umbrellas feature eight total panels. Specialty customised umbrellas can feature 16 panels. All panels come custom printed with your design, which can be decorated in a variety of colours. Umbrella Planet utilises the large branding space available on umbrella panels to print your custom logo or slogan.

In higher-end umbrellas, vented panels are available for added flexibility during wind gusts. These vents allow wind to pass through the umbrella safely, reducing the changes of the device being lifted from the user's hands or turning inside out. Umbrellas from Umbrella Planet use premium grade thick heavy duty nylon, which makes their panels durable and long-lasting.

Umbrella Ribs

The umbrella's ribs extend from the shaft and support the fabric panels outward for protection against the elements. On budget models, the ribs are often made of stainless steel, while higher-end custom umbrellas tend to utilise fibreglass. For mid-range umbrellas black electro-plated stainless steel provides a compromise between both. While budget models tend to have several ribs centred around the shaft, deluxe umbrellas can have multiple rows of ribs giving the umbrella added strength and durability.

Umbrella Shaft

The shaft of the umbrella is the centre stalk that holds the panels upright. Depending on the umbrella’s purpose, the shaft can be composed of steel, aluminium, or fibreglass. Some umbrellas can also combine a mix of these materials between the shaft and ribs.

Opening Device

All the umbrellas sold at Umbrella Planet utilise a simple yet reliable opening and closing mechanism. You can select between Automatic and Manual opening mechanisms for your branded umbrella. The automatic requires a simple button push to both open and close the umbrella. Manual umbrellas require you to push the shaft and ribs upward to open the device. If intended as a gift for children, we highly recommend the manual umbrella for safety reasons as the automatic can spring open. Umbrellas should be opened only when adults are supervising children.

Umbrella Handles

Umbrella Planet offers a variety of different handles for your customised umbrella. From the traditional and affordable wood handle, right through to the popular foam and rubber handles frequently used on gold and executive umbrellas. Often handles are a matter of personal grip preference, so feel free to discuss handle options with our friendly staff when ordering.