Buy Logo Decorated Folding Umbrellas

Perhaps you're looking for printable umbrellas that are more compact. Umbrella Planet offers various folding umbrellas, each extremely compact and simple to store. In addition, we will custom brand your logo on these umbrellas and deliver them to you personally. A folding umbrella may be the most frequently overlooked item in a house or car. So, when it comes to protecting yourself from the rain, there is nothing more convenient than having a portable folding umbrella on hand that will shield you from the elements.

Bulk Customised Compact Umbrellas

We are the best bulk wholesaler in Australia for branded umbrellas. We'll use the latest cutting-edge branding technology to custom print your design on any folding umbrella, ensuring that your brand is recognised to the best extent possible. Listed prices for compact umbrellas include one-panel screen printing of your design in 1 solid colour. We can also print using additional colours for an amended price. Just contact our sales team for more information.

Upgrade The Look of Your Folding Umbrella

Here at Umbrella Planet, we believe variety is the spice of life - that's why we offer a massive assortment of umbrella colours to meet all sorts of needs. Choose from foldable umbrellas in red | blue | green | yellow | black | white | pink | purple | grey, and various combinations of colours. If we don't have a colour based on your requirements, we can produce PMS-matched umbrellas uniquely branded with your design for an additional charge on your indent order. Moreover, you can choose from executive-style folding umbrellas in appealing cases or pocket-sized folding umbrellas. When you order compact folding umbrellas decorated with your logo, your recipients will never get caught in the rain again!

Yes, We Ship Across Australia

At Umbrella Planet, our standard speedy turnaround time for customised folding umbrellas is two (2) weeks from your artwork approval. We ship to all states and territories of Australia, including remote areas. However, we also welcome orders with tight deadlines. For inquiries, please call our friendly sales team.

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  1. Compact Executive Promotional Umbrellas

    We decorate these for your executive team
  2. Poseidon Mini

    The Poseidon Mini - ideal for on the go use.
  3. ZuZu Portable Umbrella

    Amazing value compact umbrella ideal for your promotional needs.

Items 21-40 of 62

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Popular Portable Umbrellas

Nobody wants to get caught without an umbrella when rain hits. Umbrella Planet is proud to offer an extensive range of easily transported foldable umbrellas that you can carry in most briefcases, handbags and sports bags. Your recipients will appreciate having a folding umbrella featuring your corporate logo, particularly when they can pop it out of their bag on a busy day and save themselves from getting drenched. People on the move need to have umbrellas that can travel with them. Let Umbrella Planet create the perfect customised foldable umbrella for your next promotional campaign.


Timeless Umbrella Fashion

Umbrellas have been used by people, in some form, for thousands of years. The need to shelter from extreme weather is universal, but that doesn't mean technology or styles stay the same. Umbrella Planet is proud to stock a range of the latest umbrella technology with compact units boasting automatic and manual opening options, fibreglass and electroplated steel frames, and various canopy materials. Tech doesn't have to mean geeky either. All our compact folding umbrellas feature flawless, fashionable canopy options that will help your brand stand out in a crowd.