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Printing Techniques

Umbrella Printing Techniques

We here at Umbrella Planet are experts when it comes to printing your logo on our high quality umbrellas. Your slogan is branded onto umbrella panels using one of the following printing methods.

Screen Printing

This is the most popular method for printing on umbrellas and the vast majority of personalised umbrellas you spot around town will feature screen printing. Screen printing is long-lasting and suitable for most standard, clean-cut logos. If you design is more colourful or intricate, then we recommend Full Colour Digital Transfer as the best option for customising your umbrella.


Full Colour Digital Transfer

Umbrella Planet tends to utilise digital transfer when dealing with intricate logos, particularly those with gradients or other specialised colouring techniques. Digital transfer allows for these details to be placed on your umbrella, while screen printing is more suited to basic designs. As with t-shirt transfers, umbrella transfers can fade and peel if the item isn't cared for well.

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Sublimation Direct Print

A cutting edge technique proudly brought to you by Umbrella Planet, sublimation involves placing your logo directly into the fabric. While a multitude of colours can be used for your logo, the technique can only be used on white umbrella panels. Because a sublimated logo is part of the umbrella's fabric, it won't fade or peel off. Your logo is permanently imbedded in the umbrella panels.

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Please contact the friendly Umbrella Planet staff to discuss which printing method is right for your promotion.