What Makes Blunt Umbrellas Unique?

Anyone can easily recognise a Blunt umbrella, even at a distance. Those rounded tips make the umbrella stand out from the crowd. What more if you put your brand logo on it? But do Blunt's corners have any purpose other than to look unique? In this article, let's learn more about Blunt umbrellas and their blunt tips.

Why Blunt Umbrellas Were Invented
How many of you have gotten poked by the pointy spikes on an ordinary parasol, or vice versa? Although they protect us from the rain, umbrellas' ends can be hazardous. And, believe it or not, this inspired Greig Brebner, a design engineer and Blunt inventor, to rethink a product that has existed for more than a century. Yup, it is because of the pointed tips. Developed in New Zealand, we now have an umbrella that is non-hazardous to pedestrians but sturdy enough to withstand heavy rain and gusty winds.

The Engineering Marvel of a Blunt Umbrella
When Greig first came up with the idea for the Blunt umbrella, he realised that it would not be as simple as cutting off the spikes and rounding down the corners. Instead, it is necessary for him to thoroughly redesign the umbrella's structure in its entirety. His efforts led to the development of a unique design feature known as the RTS™ or Radial Tensioning System, which gives Blunt umbrellas its remarkable build.

According to Business Insider, "Blunt's patented Radial Tensioning System redirects and distributes the effort used in opening the umbrella throughout the entire canopy surface, allowing it to hold up to heavy downpours and gale-force winds of up to 55 miles an hour." As a result of their efforts, Greig and his group have created the safest, most robust, and most aerodynamic umbrella available in the market.

Add Your Logo to Make Blunt Umbrellas More Unique!
Even if it is not a Blunt, umbrellas, in general, are an effective promotional product. When your recipients use the umbrella customised with your logo, they become walking billboards for you. Especially if they're using a Blunt umbrella, designed and constructed in a way no other brand can match. Moreover, Blunt's canopy is made of a material that is easy to print, so you can be sure that your brand logo will pop off its surface. So, are you ready to order your first batch of personalised Blunt umbrellas? Our friendly sales team is here to help you! Call 1300 859 288 or email sales@umbrellaplanet.com.au today!