Custom Umbrella Fabric & Materials

We use a variety of different materials in the production of corporate branded umbrellas here at Umbrella Planet. Because we are dedicated to providing great value options on branded umbrellas to Australian consumers, there's a material combination for every budget and function.

Nylon Branded Umbrellas

By far the most popular fabric used in the making of umbrellas, ripstop nylon is a lightweight type of nylon that is interwoven with reinforced threads to bolster its strength. As the name implies, ripstop nylon's strong composition means that tears will not spread across the fabric making it ideal for use in items like umbrellas. Originally designed for use in World War II parachutes, ripstop nylon has now become a staple of the umbrella industry.

The nylon used for our range of umbrella panels is waterproofed to shield consumers from the rain. When you combine this waterproof element with the sturdy, reinforced ripstop material you get the best umbrella panel material available! Best of all it supports quality logo printing so your conference slogan or company logo will look amazing on a nylon surface.

Customised Polyester Umbrellas

Polyester is an extremely durable outdoor fabric that is more commonly used in branded café or beach umbrellas. Polyester maintains its shape against stretching and shrinking; it is also more resistant to weather given its hydrophobic nature. Polyester is great for branded café umbrellas and other outdoor promotional devices, which means we use it whenever we can in bulk orders of large, all-weather umbrellas.

Polyester, like nylon, is suitable for wholesale bulk branding so you can be confident your team emblem or restaurant logo will draw attention on polyester outdoor brollies from Umbrella Planet.

Please contact the Umbrella Planet staff to discuss your fabric and material options further, we're here to help - 1300 858 288!