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Prices on Full Colour Printing | Umbrellas

Options to Print Umbrellas in Full Colour

Did you know that umbrellas can be decorated with your logos, graphics, texts and photographs using a full colour print? Here at Umbrella Planet we are the experts at supplying umbrellas with a full colour print. A full colour print does cost extra to personalize on an umbrella.

There are 2 methods to decorate an umbrella with full colour graphics. These 2 methods are called

  • Dye Sublimation Print
  • Full Colour Digital Print.

1) Direct Full Colour Sublimation Print Prices

Dye Sublimation Umbrella Printing Dye sublimation printing is a popular way to brand onto umbrellas. Find out more about how this full colour branding process works when used to personalize umbrellas. This process only allows branding onto white coloured panels on an umbrella. This is because it is a direct print process. Only printing onto a white background fabric may this method achieve the maximum in both sharpness and clarity in colours.

Pricing Table for Branding on Umbrellas

To print using direct sublimation print onto white panel fabric umbrellas the prices are:

direct sublimation print


2) Full Colour Digital Transfer Print Price

Transfer printing onto umbrellas is the best way to print a full colour graphic onto an umbrella when you need to brand onto a surface that is not white in colour. The print process involves a transfer sheet, which is adhered to the umbrella through heat. For a in depth look at how umbrellas are branded using a full colour digital transfer print, please follow the link.

digital transfer print umbrellas

For more information on the advantages and disadvantages of printing in full colour onto umbrellas, please check out our section on the branding process on full colour printed umbrellas.

Full Surface Printed Umbrellas

Printing on the entire surface of an umbrella is possible on an umbrella. This can be done on orders above 500 pieces. Please contact us for a quote for this option.

For a quote on branding on umbrellas, please call us or email us and we would be glad to assist.