In the rainy season, it can get quite crowded on the streets with everyone using their umbrellas at the same time. It is common for individuals to get hit, struck or wet on by other people in the street. Unfortunately, bumping into one another is inevitable but here are some tips as to how better use your umbrella without disturbing those around you.

using custom umbrellas effectively

Size Matters

For the average person, it is recommended to use an umbrella that is suitable for the size of the individual. There is no point holding an umbrella suited for 2 people and annoying members of the public. Proportions are key and this also prevents against unneeded space distribution.

Know How to Manoeuvre Your Umbrella

In a large section of pedestrians, you need to know how to move your parasol up and down as to avoid oncoming traffic. As a rule of thumb, if you are taller than the opposite person you should move your umbrella up and over their heads as to avoid any collision. The converse goes for shorter people.

Avoid Multitasking

Moving through a densely packed area of people with an umbrella is similar to driving a car. Avoid texting or using your phone as to not bump into people or cause accidents. You also don’t want to damage your phone or let it fall into a puddle or down a sewer!

Store Your Umbrella When It’s Not in Use

People like to overuse their umbrellas whilst out in the rain. But when you move into buildings or undercover areas be sure to close your umbrella before entering. This will minimise your impact on the space and prevent other dry people from getting wet. Additionally, it will be easier to move around and allow more people to get undercover.