When you enquire with the Umbrella Planet team, one of the first pieces of information we'll want to know from you is how you would like your umbrella branded. There are a few popular options that we'll break down for you here so you have a better understanding for your next marketing campaign.

Branding Information for Umbrellas

Number of Colours For Branding

Our website price includes printing of your logo in one solid colour only. What does that mean? Well part of the way we break down pricing for our print products is how many colours you would like your logo printed in. The cheapest option is a one colour print using a screen print technique -- if your logo is in multiple colours then our graphic design team can assist in converting it to one colour only for your umbrella.

But what if you want more than one colour in your print? Well if you only need 2-3 solid (non-gradient) colours in your design, then we would price for additional screen print options. However, if your have a full-colour logo, a logo with colour gradients, or a photographic-style design then you may require a digital transfer or sublimation print, both of which involve printing your design in its full, colourful glory.

Whatever the logo colour, if you send through a copy of your design to our friendly sales team we can recommend options to suit both your budget and your branding requirements.

Number of Print Positions

The other way we determine customisation prices is how many panels you would like custom printed on your umbrella. Each panel in the umbrella contains one print position, the more panels you'd like decorated the more print positions you will require. Our website price includes your logo print on one panel only, but if you'd like printing on a second/third/fourth or more panels then that's definitely something we can accomodate.

When you enquire with your sales team let them know if you would like your design on multiple umbrella panels or if you're keen to go with the single-panel standard option. We can also provide pricing for multiple options if you're unsure which you'd prefer.

Still Unsure?

Don't worry, the Umbrella Planet team is here to help so contact us today and we'll be happy to guide you through all processes required to get you setup with bulk promotional umbrellas of your own!