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Who Uses Promotional Umbrellas?

Monday, 18 December 2017 11:36:16 AM Australia/Sydney

Promotional umbrellas are popular options for brands looking to market over an extended period. This is because umbrellas are long-lasting promotional items that only get thrown away after their lifespan is over. But what kind of businesses invest in promotional umbrellas and may they also suit your organisation? Check out some of the industries utilising promotional umbrellas from Umbrella Planet right now;

Who Uses Promotional Umbrellas?

Businesses That Use Logo Branded Umbrellas

  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Schools and universities
  • Government bodies and institutions
  • Marketing agencies and PR companies
  • Car and truck sales
  • Travel companies and airlines
  • Small businesses
  • And more!

Should You Invest in Bulk Promotional Umbrellas?

If you're looking to promote your business using everyday use items that enjoy regular exposure to crowds of people, then promotional umbrellas might be for you. Umbrellas can be decorated cheaply in one colour, or for the added impact, we can brand in full-colour on multiple panels. There are just so many ways to customise an umbrella and tailor it to suit your exact campaign. So what are you waiting for? Contact the sales team here at Umbrella Planet for more information.

Posted By Jeff Chong

Why Umbrellas are the Ideal Promotional Product for Winter

Friday, 13 July 2018 9:16:12 AM Australia/Sydney

Here at Umbrella Planet, we see a distinct increase in the number of people ordering promotional umbrellas over the cooler months. Given that the East Coast of Australia is particularly prone to winter showers, it makes a lot of sense that successful Aussie companies would want to promote their brand in this way. What makes umbrellas such an ideal promotional product for the season? It really is quite simple.

Promotional Umbrellas for Winter

Why Companies Choose Branded Umbrellas from Umbrella Planet

  • Multiple large branding areas (each panel)
  • The ability to decorate in dazzling full-colour
  • Large assortment of sizes
  • Many, many styles to choose from
  • Standard corporate colours as well as the ability to PMS match to your unique shade
  • Locally stocked options for fast delivery as well as cheaper overseas products produced indent
  • Knowledgeable sales team who can recommend the right umbrella to meet your needs

Why Winter Makes a Difference

  • More rain across the country
  • The cold air makes those rainy moments seem even bleaker than normal
  • People often don't think of handing out umbrellas over summer (though this is a great idea too!)
  • A colourful umbrella easily attracts attention on a dreary winter's day
So what are you waiting for? Boost your brand visibility over winter by investing in promotional umbrellas for staff or clients today. Contact our friendly sales team for information and recommendations today.
Posted By Jeff Chong

The Insane History of Custom Umbrellas

Thursday, 20 September 2018 1:29:55 PM Australia/Sydney

Umbrellas were originally created in Ancient China in around 21 CE. They were made to keep the sun off you, rather than the rain. The word umbrella itself comes from the Latin ‘Umbros’ which means shade or shadow. Please have a look at our range of beach umbrellas and follow this ancient tradition, while staying cool.

Promotional Umbrellas Through History

These ancient umbrellas were made of the finest of silks, so it wasn’t long that this new collapsible shade covering found its way along the silk road through Asia and all the way to rulers in the Roman Empire. If you want the comfort and style of a modern day Roman Emperor, take a look at our Alpha Ray Umbrella.

Umbrellas Were Not For Everyone

From their creation back in ancient China, all the way up until the mid-18th century, to carry an umbrella was a sign of wealth, and femineity almost like wearing Louboutins in today’s culture. The change in thought came about when Englishman John Hanaway started using his umbrella to protect himself from the rain that it started to catch on eventually. This change was not as fast as often John was pelted with rubbish and met with violence from the public, to which he responded by using his umbrella to “give the man a good thrashing.” 

John's Unique Umbrellas

Luckily John’s persistence meant that the use of umbrellas started coming into vogue as umbrellas were no longer seen as a gendered item, but a way to keep both the sun and rain off you when you needed to get from place to place.

Promotional Umbrellas in the Modern Day

The original design of the umbrella has not changed that much since their creation in ancient China, but since the rise into everyday use in the 1800’s, but some innovation has occurred nonetheless. In 1928 Hans Haupt had the idea to create the cane style umbrella which allowed him to walk more freely after his injuries during the war. This design moved into the more well known collapsible folding umbrellas that are still one of the most popular designs of umbrellas so far.

Custom Umbrellas Today
Taking a leaf out of John Hanaway’s book, some umbrellas started even being used as an offensive and defensive weapon, as the shaft of the umbrella can easily conceal a blade. In 1978, Bulgarian president Georgi Markov was hit with a dart from a modified umbrella by KGB agents. This dart was tipped with one of the world’s most deadly poisons called Ricin, and Mr Markov lost his life due to it. Even in the modern day, ex-president of France Nicolas Sarkozy was known to carry a Kevlar coated umbrella to protect himself from bullets if the need called for it.

Personalise Your Piece of History

The history of umbrellas is a strange and fascinating one, and the use of umbrellas for a symbol of status is still as relevant today as it was back in ancient China. Use this to your advantage and advertise your brand with our wide range of promotional custom printed umbrellas with the knowledge that you are taking part in the everchanging wild and weird history of the humble umbrella.


Posted By Jacob Jacob

The Best Promotional Umbrellas for Summer Storms

Friday, 23 November 2018 11:18:05 AM Australia/Sydney

With the weather in Australia heating up this means we’ve also got to prepare for the majestic storms that are sure to scatter our summer.  It’s a great time to invest in some promotional umbrellas to make sure you’re never caught out in the rain!  Umbrellas are a fantastic investment for corporate businesses.  Staff will love the security it brings knowing that they can pop out for lunch proudly carrying a premium quality umbrella whilst representing your company.

 Logo Umbrellas for the Australian Summer

Summer Logo Branded Umbrellas

We have a range of premium products which vary from being best suited to the golf course, to being for everyday.  Umbrellas are timeless and will always be a necessity so it is a great product to buy in bulk and have ready for when the inevitable showers do occur. If you want a high-end classic umbrella to beat the brunt of Aussie storms, you can't go past the classic Promotional Blunt Umbrella -- it's tested in a wind tunnel!

For an everyday umbrella, our Branded Chicago Corporate style is perfect. There’s nothing worse than an umbrella breaking at the most vital moment (in the middle of a storm) and that’s why this is such a good product!  It’s stylish and sturdy so even those strong winds won’t be able to ruin your day.

Another great option is a logo-emblazoned sporting umbrella. Lightweight and ideal for a corporate golf event or to have on hand at any outdoor activity in the unfortunate case that the skies open and the downpour commences.

Speak to our sales team today about the large range of products and printing options to help personalise and establish a fantastic finished product.

Posted By Samantha Rodwell

Why Buy Compact Promotional Umbrellas

Friday, 15 February 2019 9:48:10 AM Australia/Sydney

Folding promotional umbrellas can often be forgotten with so many brands out to have their logo on huge custom golf umbrellas, but there is absolutely a place in your marketing campaign for the smaller, more portable umbrella options.

Who Chooses Custom Folding Umbrellas?

Compact Promotional Umbrellas

Compact folding umbrellas are popular options for organisations working with a strict budget. Because these umbrellas are smaller than standard or golf umbrellas, they're naturally more cost-effective. However, this is not the only feature that makes them attractive to companies, other appealing features include;

  • Huge variety of colours and more pattern options than large umbrellas.
  • Ideal size for people to carry with them in backpacks, briefcases, or handbags.
  • Vented and unvented options to suit weather extremities
  • Budget and premium options are available.
So rather than looking at these smaller umbrellas as nothing but a "cheap" option, consider them a fantastic means to boost your brand visibility in a fun and functional way. Contact our sales team for more information on these stylish and affordable products.
Posted By Jeff Chong

3 Custom Umbrella Picks for Autumn

Tuesday, 2 April 2019 10:21:31 AM Australia/Sydney

Keep the bad weather form raining on your parade with these top promotional umbrella picks.

 Promotional Umbrellas for Autumn

Small and Useful Custom Umbrellas

What better for the autumn months than to give your employees compact umbrellas to promote the brand while staying dry between meetings. Australians seem to be the only people in the world who know it does rain in Australia, and sometimes it REALLY does rain! Make sure your team isn’t left out in the cold (and rain) with these fun size brollies. They are perfect for a professional appearance with a dark exterior but colour on inside to keep them cheerful in the gloomier months.

Fun and Vibrant Logo Umbrellas

We think these are the perfect umbrella for giveaways because they are just so cool. Make sure your branded umbrellas are noticeable and individual with a pop of colour. With these brollies, no matter how dark the rain cloud, they will still stand out. Having seasonal and eye-catching umbrellas means more use and more opportunities to be noticed out on the rainy streets this autumn.

Big and Bold Sports Umbrellas

If compact umbrellas just aren’t big enough or you want to make a bold statement, these are the umbrellas for you. Their colour and pattern mark them out in any crowd and will demonstrate your brand makes fashionable and quality choices. The fact that the pattern looks like an autumn leaf is just a bonus! Safe to say this is my favourite pick of the bunch.

Posted By Sarah

How to Effectively Use Custom Umbrellas

Monday, 8 July 2019 10:57:20 AM Australia/Sydney

In the rainy season, it can get quite crowded on the streets with everyone using their umbrellas at the same time. It is common for individuals to get hit, struck or wet on by other people in the street. Unfortunately, bumping into one another is inevitable but here are some tips as to how better use your umbrella without disturbing those around you.

using custom umbrellas effectively

Size Matters

For the average person, it is recommended to use an umbrella that is suitable for the size of the individual. There is no point holding an umbrella suited for 2 people and annoying members of the public. Proportions are key and this also prevents against unneeded space distribution.

Know How to Manoeuvre Your Umbrella

In a large section of pedestrians, you need to know how to move your parasol up and down as to avoid oncoming traffic. As a rule of thumb, if you are taller than the opposite person you should move your umbrella up and over their heads as to avoid any collision. The converse goes for shorter people.

Avoid Multitasking

Moving through a densely packed area of people with an umbrella is similar to driving a car. Avoid texting or using your phone as to not bump into people or cause accidents. You also don’t want to damage your phone or let it fall into a puddle or down a sewer!

Store Your Umbrella When It’s Not in Use

People like to overuse their umbrellas whilst out in the rain. But when you move into buildings or undercover areas be sure to close your umbrella before entering. This will minimise your impact on the space and prevent other dry people from getting wet. Additionally, it will be easier to move around and allow more people to get undercover.

Posted By Jakub

Branding Options for Custom Umbrellas

Friday, 20 September 2019 1:18:16 PM Australia/Sydney

When you enquire with the Umbrella Planet team, one of the first pieces of information we'll want to know from you is how you would like your umbrella branded. There are a few popular options that we'll break down for you here so you have a better understanding for your next marketing campaign.

Branding Information for Umbrellas

Number of Colours For Branding

Our website price includes printing of your logo in one solid colour only. What does that mean? Well part of the way we break down pricing for our print products is how many colours you would like your logo printed in. The cheapest option is a one colour print using a screen print technique -- if your logo is in multiple colours then our graphic design team can assist in converting it to one colour only for your umbrella.

But what if you want more than one colour in your print? Well if you only need 2-3 solid (non-gradient) colours in your design, then we would price for additional screen print options. However, if your have a full-colour logo, a logo with colour gradients, or a photographic-style design then you may require a digital transfer or sublimation print, both of which involve printing your design in its full, colourful glory.

Whatever the logo colour, if you send through a copy of your design to our friendly sales team we can recommend options to suit both your budget and your branding requirements.

Number of Print Positions

The other way we determine customisation prices is how many panels you would like custom printed on your umbrella. Each panel in the umbrella contains one print position, the more panels you'd like decorated the more print positions you will require. Our website price includes your logo print on one panel only, but if you'd like printing on a second/third/fourth or more panels then that's definitely something we can accomodate.

When you enquire with your sales team let them know if you would like your design on multiple umbrella panels or if you're keen to go with the single-panel standard option. We can also provide pricing for multiple options if you're unsure which you'd prefer.

Still Unsure?

Don't worry, the Umbrella Planet team is here to help so contact us today and we'll be happy to guide you through all processes required to get you setup with bulk promotional umbrellas of your own!

Posted By Yoshe Yoshe

How Promotional Umbrellas Can Revolutionise Your Brand

Friday, 25 October 2019 4:52:38 PM Australia/Sydney

Many people undervalue umbrellas. Umbrellas are not only useful for protection against the elements, namely the sun and rain, they also serve as a fantastic means of mobile promotion. We’ve taken the liberty to list our three favourite parasols to get your brand noticed!

Promotional Umbrellas for Events

Automatic Collapsible Parasols

These umbrellas feature an automatic opening to unravel a 36-inch widespread dome. Its huge span actually folds down to 14-inch size, making it perfect to fit in your purse or bag. Such a tool is easy to carry, and its modern features make it eye-catching. Now imagine that your brand is plastered all along the canopy, people will definitely see your brand.

Premium Executive Umbrellas

For a sophisticated and business-look, check out our corporate parasols. These large umbrellas feature a timber shaft and a curved wooden handle for easy grip. The fibreglass ribbing makes it both lightweight and windproof. This truly is the businessman’s umbrella. Nothing will stop you from getting to your meeting and people will notice the dynamic colour pattern on this umbrella. Now slap your logo across this umbrella and it’s complete!

Colour Changing Brollies

This umbrella takes novelty to a new level. It is customised with white raindrops that start as white but then change to a rainbow pattern when wet! Not only is this appealing to the eye, but its top-quality material ensures you will be kept well protected. No one could deny this as a great promotional tool, so take the leap and brand these umbrellas with your logo.

Posted By Jakub

Who Uses Promotional Cafe Umbrellas?

Tuesday, 17 December 2019 9:20:17 AM Australia/Sydney

The majority of our products here on Umbrella Planet are personal umbrellas, be they compact or golf-sized, that come individually branded for use during the odd rainy day we get here in Australia. However, we also stock an assortment of cafe umbrellas designed to protect diners and drinkers at outside venues. Today we're breaking down a little more about these custom items and who exactly uses them!

Promotional Cafe Umbrellas

Outdoor Umbrellas With Logo Branding

Promotional cafe umbrellas are a popular choice for protecting customers from the weather. These umbrellas are large and made from extra durable materials making them ideal to withstand daily sun without losing their stylish look or feel. Most clients like to have their logo printed directly on each panel to maximise brand exposure. Customised cafe umbrellas need to be stored safely during high wind events and dried out properly when they get wet to prolong their lifespan, but generally speaking last quite some time making them good investments.

So Who Uses These Custom Products?

We've sold branded cafe umbrellas to the following organisations;

  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Cafés
  • Recreation areas
  • Fun parks
  • Expos
  • and more!

If you're looking for a way to get your brand noticed while people are enjoying the atmosphere of your venue, then cafe umbrellas might well be the promotional product for you.

Posted By Yoshe

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